Dear Vueling, Love Passengers Instead Of Places. Vol. 2

In late February we stood up against Vueling‘s unfair customer treatment. We aimed to get their attention and bring issues they were running from to light. And we succeeded. Unfortunately, their reaction to the problem was not as we hoped and Vueling continues breaking their customers’ hearts.

Our campaign was met with anger, pressure and even attempts to restrict our freedom of speech. But we stood strong and persevered! Our mission is as clear as ever – we have to continue our fight for passenger rights and now we dig deeper!

In 2018, 2883 flights by the Spanish carrier were cancelled and 1069 – late to arrive to their destination for more than 3 hours, affecting over 592.800 passengers. And, according to OAG data, 2019 isn’t looking any better. In the first two months 14.7% of total 27 292 flights were late. That means that one in every 7 Vueling flights was delayed. Passengers now find themselves in an unfortunate lottery – will their flight be the “lucky” one, crushing their plans and breaking their hearts?

We cannot allow Vueling treat its passengers this way any longer! After seeing the overwhelming support from travelers, Skycop is starting the second online campaign, focusing of the unwanted lottery Vueling passengers are dragged into, and can be found on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles. It is our way of saying: “Dear Vueling, nothing breaks like a heart…”

If you were one of the “lucky” Vueling lottery winners and you have not yet tried to claim you flight compensation or if the airline is ignoring you, you can always reach out to us and entrust your fight to Skycop.

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