Stored Wow Air jets riddle grounding by lessors

After two potential investors called off negotiations, Wow Air is now drafting a further restructuring plan, ought to lead to “long term sustainability”. Meanwhile, have lessors requested the grounding of some of the airline’s planes?

Wow Air operates a fleet of 11 all-Airbus aircraft, of which four are currently stored, according to data. At least two of the planes were grounded at lessors’ request, Iceland Monitor reported on March 25, 2019. The publication also claims that the airline has closed bookings for nine destinations on its website.

However, Wow air partially denied this information to AeroTime. “Regarding delays there is only one delay in our network today, from Iceland to Las Palmas,” the company’s spokesperson told AeroTime via email. “All other flights are on time”.

The spokesperson did not directly address AeroTime questions about aircraft groundings.


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