Embraer E195-E2 gets triple type certification

Embraer received the Type Certificate for the second, and the biggest, aircraft in its E2 series. The E195-E2 was granted approval by three regulatory authorities in Brazil, the United States, and Europe. The company’s CEO claims flight tests of E195-E2 have surpassed expectations, but can the same be said when it comes to its orderbook?

E195-E2 was granted type certificate by three aviation authorities: the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, ANAC), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the manufacturer revealed on April 15, 2019.

“Our flight tests confirmed that the aircraft is better than its original specification,” according to John Slattery, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “Fuel consumption is 1.4% lower than expected – that’s 25.4% less fuel per seat compared to the current-generation E195. Maintenance costs are 20% lower”.

The E195-E2 is the largest commercial aircraft in Embraer’s portfolio. With a maximum range of 2,600 nautical miles, it can accommodate 120 seats in a two-class configuration or up to 146 in high-density variant. With a higher range and more seat rows than E195, the E195-E2 actually has little to do with the first generation of E-jets, as 75% of its systems are new, including engines, wing, landing gear, and full fly-by-wire. Maximum with a full passenger load.

Raising star of E2 jets?

The E195-E2 is expected to enter service in the second half of 2019 with its launch, and the biggest, customer Azul Brazilian Airlines. Having first placed an order for 30 jets in 2015, expanding it later to a total 51 aircraft, the airline is now responsible for almost half of all E195-E2s sales.

In total, E185-E2 has accumulated 111 firm orders, as of December 31, 2018. And this result is fairly good, keeping in mind that A220-100, its direct competitor,  entered service three years ago, and so far has accumulated 85 orders.

With its 111 firm orders, the E195-E2 is also the more popular of the two certified E2 family variants that already have type certification. Back in 2017, before Embraer rolled out the E195-E2, it shared shared similar popularity among customers with the E190-E2, having 90 and 85 orders accordingly. However, leasing companies Aircastle and Aercap, both of which held were looking into both aircraft types, have since converted parts of their initial E190-E2 orders in favor for the bigger jet version.

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