Tel Aviv is calling. But what if your trip was called off?

It’s that time of the year again… Eurovision. This event is sort of a unique phenomenon that gathers millions of people by their TV screens and thousands in one arena. This year, the event is hosted by Tel Aviv in Israel and has a motivating slogan – Dare to Dream.

Tel Aviv is located on the country’s Mediterranean coastline and has more than 430,000 residents. The 64th Eurovision Song Contest is held in Expo Tel Aviv and the total budget for the event is estimated at €28.5 million. The venue is expected to fit up to 7,300 attendees, but only 4,300 seats are reserved for fans of the show. Most of these fans will reach Tel Aviv via one of two airports: Tel Aviv-Yafo Sde Dov airport or Ben Gurion Intl airport.

As the airports are expected to experience higher volumes of passengers, flight disruptions might also increase, so travelers should be aware of their rights. While Israel isn’t in the EU and doesn’t follow the EU regulation, it has its own law – The Israeli Aviation Services Law. The document states the rights of passengers to compensation and assistance in case of flight delay, cancelation or overbooking.

Similarly to the EU regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to care if they have to wait for their flight for 2 or more hours. Care includes food, water, access to phone or email and accommodation if the passenger has to wait overnight or longer. Transportation to and from the airport in this case is also included.

If the flight to or from Israel is delayed over 8 for hours, passengers are also entitled to compensation. The amount of it depends on the distance: up to 2000km – 1250 NIS (~297 euros); up to 4500km – 2000NIS (~476 euros); over 4500km – 3000NIS (~714 euros).

If you happen to experience a flight delay on your way to or from Eurovision or anytime within the last 4 years, get in touch with Skycop – a flight compensation company that fights for passenger rights. We’ll be happy to assist you in claiming your rightful compensation.

And for now we wish all the fans fantastic show!

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