Embraer to become Boeing Brasil – Commercial

Agência Brasil

Once the takeover by Boeing is enforced, the commercial division of Embraer will be renamed Boeing Brasil – Commercial.

This will conclude the sale of an 80% stake in Embraer commercial aviation activities, including aftermarket support services, to Boeing for $4.2 billion. The transaction should be approved by competition authorities by the end of the year.

While the historical name of the Brazilian company should disappear, Boeing has not yet announced if their newly acquired catalog would also see some transformations. Currently, all aircraft bear the name Embraer followed by a code (from E170 to E195-E2).

Following the similar acquisition by Airbus of the Bombardier’s CSeries division, the European manufacturer renamed the family “A220” in order to fit more with the rest of their catalog.

The Brazilian planemaker intends to keep its defense and executive jet business units and associated services operations. However, the two manufacturers since agreed on a second joint venture in which Embraer should hold a 51% and Boeing the remaining 49%. This other company should continue developing the KC-390 tactical transport and inflight refueling aircraft. The first KC-390 is due to be delivered to Portugal during the Paris Air Show.

Embraer is the abbreviation of Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica or Brazilian aeronautics company. Its foundation dates back to 1969 as a state-owned corporation prior to its privatization in 1994.

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