Unexpected passenger wanders Russian airport

Eigenes Werk

A large brown bear walked through the personnel’s security gate at the Yelizovo Airport (PKC) in the far east of Russia. The bear was caught on CCTV cameras, Siberian Times reports.Apparently, a security guard did not expect a passenger like that, stating “Look who we have here at 5.30am. And without I.D, too!”.

Yelizovo Airport is located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The area is populated with more than 15,000 brown bears, based on estimations in Lonely Planet, in addition to snow sheep, reindeer, wolves, foxes, wolverines and sables. Due to the biological wealth of this region, it is possible to see wild animals running around in the town.

It is not the first incident where wildlife is observed at the airport.Similar incidents happened at Alaska airport in 2017 and Milan’s Linate airport in 2007. In Alaska, a 450-pound (204 kg) bearded seal was caught lounging at the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport, which resulted in delayed flights, Business Insider reported. Another incident happened because of the rapidly growing population of wild hares in Milan. According to The Lede, Linate Airport in Milan was shut down for a few hours.

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