Aeroflot flies Trent 700 engine for 50K hours without overhaul

Aeroflot has flown a Trent 700 engine for over 50,000 hours without requiring an overhaul, Rolls-Royce announces on June 19, 2019, suggesting it means a world record for a widebody engine.

The engine, which powers an Airbus A330 aircraft, entered service in 2008 and is still flying.This is equivalent of travelling to the moon and back 50 times.

The first Trent 700 engine entered service in 1995. The Trent engine family is now comprised of seven variants, of which the latest one ‒ Trent 7000 ‒ entered service in November 2018.

“We’ve worked closely with Rolls-Royce to continually monitor the engine to make sure it has been in good condition and it has provided an outstanding level of reliability for us,” Andrey Panov, Aeroflot, Deputy CEO for Strategy and Marketing explained.

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