Russian Angara Airlines An-24 skids runway, crashes into building

An Angara Airlines An-24RV with 47 people on board crashed in a building after skidding on the runway of Nizhneangarsk Airport, in the Republic of Buryatia (Russia). Two crew members were killed in the accident.

The Antonov An-24RV, registered RA-47366, was performing flight 2G-200 from Baikal International Airport (UUD) in Ulan-Ude to Nizhneangarsk Airport (UIUN), near the Lake Baikal, Russia. 

The aircraft was approaching its destination when the left engine failed. Upon landing, the plane veered off the runway and crashed into a building of the nearby sewage treatment plant. It then caught fire.

The passengers were evacuated. 31 people and two crew members received medical attention. Out of them, four injured were hospitalized, including two children. The rest of the passengers were released, according to Tatyana Prokhorova, deputy head of the North Baikal District, quoted by Interfax.

The captain who died in the accident accumulated 15.702 hours of flight experience, according to Angara Airlines, while the first officer had 6.315 hours. The second victim was a flight mechanic.

The Antonov An-24RV RA-47366 was 42 years old and was initially working as an “RTS test aircraft” designed to experiment on radio navigation equipment. It was then converted into a passenger airplane in 1991. 

The Interstate Aviation Committee announced it has formed an Investigation team to identify the causes of the accident.


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