A New World Record Of The Longest Business Flight

A New World Record Of The Longest Business Flight

Recently the aviation industry witnessed a new world record. A Bombardier Global 7500 flew from Singapore Changi Airport to Tucson International Airport in Arizona, United States.

The flight had a distance of 8.152 nautical miles (14.260 kilometers), flying from Singapore to Tucson with no stops between the two cities, making it the longest business flight ever!

Recently Introduced Global 7500

Bombardier just recently introduced the Global 7500 business jets into service.

The company announced the ultra-long-range business jet in 2010, with initial plans to introduce the Global 7500 in 2016.

However, as always, the development of the new jet faced delays. Unlike Mitsubishi with the MRJ, this time Bombardier didn’t delay the jet 4 times and by 7 years. Just like with the MRJ, Bombardier decided to change the wing in 2015, which resulted in a shifting deadline. Bombardier announced that it would introduce the newest business jet in late 2018.

The Canadian aircraft manufacturer stuck to its promise and delivered it in December of 2018.

And just two months later after its first delivery and flight, the Global 7500 is going around breaking records.

Reserve fuel left on the longest business flight

The record-breaking longest business flight took off from Singapore Changi International Airport on the 4th of March, 2019 at 7:12 AM. As the sun was rising in Arizona, it landed at Tucson International Airport at 8:19 AM.

The best part about the longest business flight? The fact that the Global 7500 still had more than 4.000 pounds of fuel left, which equals to around an hour and a half of additional flying time. So there is still room to improve!

Some more fun facts about this flight!

 Singapore Changi International Airport also hosts the longest non-stop flight from Singapore to Newark Liberty International Airport in the US. Although, the flight is commercial and travels a bit further than the longest business flight.

The Global 7500 would have to cover more than 6 hours of flight time to reach Newark from Tucson. That makes it impossible to equal the commercial flight record of Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) .

The maximum cruising speed of the Bombardier jet is Mach 0.925. To illustrate, the now-canceled Airbus A380 has a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.825.

The business jet is not even supposed to travel this far. Yep, you read that right. Bombardier declares that the maximum range of the Global 7500 is 7.700 nautical miles (14.260 kilometers). On the longest business flight, the jet reached 8.152 nautical miles.

So, The longest business flight is between Singapore Changi International Airport and Tucson International Airport, which equals to 8.152 nautical miles or 14.260 kilometers.


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