Ethiopian Airlines Releases Preliminary Report About 737 MAX Crash

Ethiopian Airlines Releases Preliminary Report About the Boeing 737 MAX Crash

A month after the deadly Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 crash, Ethiopian Airlines together with Ethiopian investigators released their preliminary findings of the accident.

Before the preliminary report, the whole accident was shrouded with a mystery on what exactly happened. People in and out of the aviation industry questioned MCAS, the aircraft design itself, the experience of the pilots and even the maintenance quality of Ethiopian Airlines.

But we finally know the reason why the aircraft crashed – MCAS.

Pilots followed Boeing recommendations

As the shroud of mist clears the accident and the reason behind the crash, we finally can conclude the reason why did Flight ET302 crash after just taking off from Addis Ababa.

An international committee consisting of individuals from the FAA, Boeing, BEA and ESEA were all part of the preliminary report, which was released during a press conference in Addis Ababa.

Additionally, no foreign object damage has been found on the aircraft.

Initial findings conclude that:

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