JetBlue Pilots Raped Three Flight Attendants After Drugging

JetBlue Pilots Raped Three Flight Attendants After Drugging Them

A horrific event has emerged after the three victims sued the two First Officers on Monday.The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn accounts the horrible events that took place on the 9th of May, 2018.The three JetBlue flight attendants had a layover in Puerto Rico before their flight on the 10th of May back to the mainland United States.On the night of the incident, the three crew members met two JetBlue first officers on the beach, Eric Johnson and Dan Watson.After finding out the pilots worked for JetBlue, the 5 of them went out to share some beers.According to the lawsuit, the two men dropped drugs in the beers that the women were drinking. Subsequently, “the rest of night became a blur”, federal court papers note.The group went back to the hotel, where the crew stayed overnight. One of the flight attendants, identified as Jane Doe 1, recalled that she “felt the influence of the drug that laced the beer with, and was unable to react to the situation, but was simply aware it was happening.”The second crew member, identified as Jane Doe 2, became sick from the drugs. She began vomiting, so the pair of pilots “were turned off” by her sickness.

Reported but no action

The flight attendants felt “groggy and numb” the next morning on their flight towards Newark, New Jersey. When they realized what had happened, they were “stunned”, per court papers.Jane Doe 1, one of the flight attendants, has reported that she contracted HPV from Eric Johnson.The women reported the dreadful events to JetBlue, but according to sources, the airline did not take any action against the pilots. The three flight attendants are suing the pilots for $75.000 in damages individually. Additionally, the pilots will be liable for any attorney costs.JetBlue has said that they look at “allegations of violent or inappropriate behavior very seriously and investigates such claims thoroughly.”

Similar incident

Shockingly, this is not the first time that this has happened in the aviation industry. Just last year, an Alaska Airlines First Officer sued the airline because a captain raped her. The victim, identified as Betty Pina sued the airline for also not taking any action against the predator.Her situation is almost identical that the JetBlue flight attendants suffered. The captain drugged her drink and later dragged Betty to the hotel room.Source

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