British Airways Gets A Birthday Gift Of 42 Boeing 777Xs

British Airways Gets A Birthday Gift Of 42 Boeing 777Xs

Seems like the birthday cake dedicated to celebrating British Airways 100th anniversary just got one more cherry on top. IAG, the parent company of the airline just ordered 42 Boeing 777X jets from the aircraft manufacturer…

Called Boeing.

More efficiency

Efficiency seems to be the newest buzzword of the aviation industry. Indeed, the Boeing 777X is very efficient. The newest General Electric engines, called the GE9X, promise to be 10% more efficient than the older GE90.

Boeing’s new composite wing additionally promises even more fuel efficiency. The new wing, which Boeing made from carbon fiber and is longer than any of its counterparts, namely the older 777s and the Airbus A350, also has folding wingtips.

The reason for the folding wingtips? So that the 777X can arrive at almost any airport and avoid the issues that the Airbus A380 had. Specifically, not being able to arrive at any airport, as the infrastructure is just not able to accommodate the A380. This is one of the reasons amongst many why Airbus canceled the Super Jumbo.

To illustrate the fuel efficiency, Boeing promises the 777-9 to be 12% more efficient than the Airbus A350-1000. Comparing it to the 777-8, the -9 is 8% more efficient than its older counterpart.

Fun fact, when the 777-9 will debut next month, it will be the longest commercial jet in the world!

Replacing the 747

Most importantly, the 777-9 is much better in the fuel department than the 747. Speaking to the press, the Chief Executive of IAG, Willie Walsh, noted that the 777-9 will give British Airways “ fuel cost per seat improvements of 30 percent compared to the 747.”

And with multiple airlines struggling and going bankrupt because of rising fuel and operational costs, every penny saved matters. A lot.

The main reason why British Airways is ordering the 777X’s is to replace the Queen of the Skies.

IAG has ordered 42 aircraft, 18 firm orders and 24 options. Currently, British Airways is one of the largest operators of the 777 family, with almost 60 planes in its fleet.

Not a bad birthday present, eh?

Speaking about Boeing’s new jet, airlines have ordered 358 aircraft in total. Boeing should start deliveries in 2020, barring any delays in the production or certification process.


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