Ryanair Mocks British Airways For Landing At The Wrong Airport

Ryanair Mocks British Airways For Landing At The Wrong Airport

A very bizarre thing happened yesterday when a British Airways flight BA3271 accidentally landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf.Yes, you’ve read that right. A flight managed to end up not only in the wrong city but on a different land mass and country.

A mix-up of a flight plan

On Monday morning, the flight took off from London City Airport. It was supposed to land at Düsseldorf at 9:40 AM CET.However, everyone’s plans changed when some passengers suddenly realized that instead of seeing North Rhine-Westphalia’s industrial sights, they were looking at the Scottish mountains.WDL Aviation operated the flight. The company serviced passengers under the name of BA CityFlyer, which is a British Airways subsidiary that operates domestic and regional routes around Europe.Apparently, incorrect flight plans were at fault. The flight crew thought they needed to fly to Edinburgh. But after asking for a show of hands, the crew realized that no passengers had any plans to get off the plane at the Scottish capital.They were supposed to start their Monday morning in Düsseldorf.After apologizing for the confusion and refueling in Edinburgh, the Embraer E170 jet took off for Germany.Fortunately, as WDL Aviation stated, “At no time has the safety of the passengers been compromised.”At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing – the safety of everyone on board.However, for some, it was not the end of the day.

Twitter banter

Ryanair decided it would be a little cheeky and took to Twitter to offer some advice for British Airways: Yes, that‘s right. The low-cost carrier, which brands Hahn Airport as an airport in Frankfurt, when the airport and the city are separated by more than 100 kilometers is telling someone else to learn geography. Although to be fair, that is how they run their business – by offering cheaper flights to smaller airports. Quite ironic, isn‘t it?British Airways then tried to act like the mature adult in the conversation, by noting that nobody is perfect: British Airways response to Ryanair And Ryanair agreed, while at the same time making a self-deprecating joke about their airport naming shenanigans: Making our previous remark about Ryanair’s suggestion of a geography lesson irrelevant, as they joke about it themselves!Oh, since we’re talking about twitter, why don’t you follow us on Twitter to stay updated on our newest job offers and blog posts @Aviationcv.com? 😉Source

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