From A Cleaner To A Pilot – An Inspiring Story

From A Cleaner To A Pilot – An Inspiring Story

We’ve all heard of the stories where someone, coming from a very humble background had a huge dream. A dream that we all thought would be possible to achieve, no matter how hard you try. But every now and again we all hear of an amazing story, where someone actually does make it. This example touched our hearts, as it showcases that even though you might have to climb a mountain to begin your pilot career, you can still do so. If you try and want hard enough! Mohammed Abubakar, a man from Nigeria, is the main character in this heart-warming story.

A missed opportunity

And his journey begins with an interesting twist. After finishing high-school, Mohammed wanted to attend Kaduna Polytechnic and get a college diploma. But he was late for the admissions and his window of opportunity closed. But when one door closes, another opens. M. Abubakar started his aviation career cleaning aircraft for Kabo Air, a local airline in Nigeria. His first wage was as little as 200 Nigerian Naira per day, which equals $0.50. After working various jobs in the industry, his career progressed quite quickly. As his wages increased throughout various jobs, instead of spending the money freely, Mohammed decided to save it instead. Thus, he was on his way to achieving his goal – starting his pilot career.

Supporting himself

After saving up enough money, M. Abubakar supported his way through pilot training in Canada and received his Private Pilot License. After a solid step towards his commercial pilot career start, there was a hurdle – he needed his commercial license. However, he ran out of money. Nevertheless, fortune favors the bold. The current employer of M. Abubakar at the time supported him through the process and helped him receive his commercial pilot license. And his hard work, persistence and brilliant attitude paid off. Azman Air, a company in Nigeria, gave the opportunity for Mohammed Abubakar to work for them as a Pilot. Finally, after 24 hard-working years, the dream came true. Mohammed Abubakar could finally proudly tell the world – he‘s a pilot! There are a lot of inspiring stories like these. But even so, its a good reminder for everybody. To keep pushing. To keep dreaming and keep believing in yourself. And eventually, you will achieve your goals and realize your dreams!


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