Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Career – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Career – Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Have you always dreamed of becoming one of the cabin crew members on board a flight, but you were unsure whether you fit the requirements? Maybe you have some other questions that relate to a career in the skies?

We‘ll try to answer some of the most searched questions on various search platforms and the questions we get asked on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CabinCrewJobsAviationCV/!

So, let’s start!

Do Cabin Crew members need a passport?

Absolutely. In order to travel throughout various countries, you need a passport.

And since you will travel throughout many countries while working in the air, a passport is a must.

What‘s the minimum age requirement to work as a Flight Attendant?

The minimal age is 18. In some countries or more prestigious airlines the age limit might be higher – you have to be at least 21 years old. But usually, the minimum age requirement is for you to be 18.

Do you need a college degree to start working as a Cabin Crew member?

No, you only need a high school diploma, which is a must. However, as you advance further in your career and you attempt to become maybe the manager of flight crews, a college or university diploma will definitely help you out. It depends on your future goals, but a university or college degree won‘t hurt anybody.

Do you need courses prior to joining an airline?

Not every time. It really depends on the airline that you‘re joining, but some airlines do provide training to people that have not got any certificate or experience working as a flight attendant.

For example, low-cost carriers like Ryanair or Wizz Air that are always on the lookout for people, offer flight attendant courses for free, but you‘re bound to work for the airline for a certain amount of time.

You also have the option to attend the courses independently at facilities like BAA Training.

Can you have tattoos when working as a Flight Attendant?

No visible tattoos. That means that your neck, head, hands, wrists, legs below the knees have to be completely clean from any tattoos.

While there is nothing wrong with having tattoos, some cultures or people do not take lightly to a tattoo. So, it‘s better for the airlines to prevent any PR disasters from happening beforehand. As a result, airlines do not employ Flight Attendants with visible tattoos.

Can I cover up my tattoos as a Flight Attendant?

You can, but some airlines during your interview or recruitment process directly ask you if you have any tattoos. However, some airlines do not allow any coverups.

So, you have to convince the recruiters that you will cover up your tattoo and you‘re a one-of-a-kind candidate and maybe you will have a chance of working as a Flight Attendant.

What are the height requirements for A Cabin Crew member?

You should be at least 158 centimeters (5.2 ft) tall. The main purpose of this requirement is your arms reach, which also should be at least 210 centimeters (6.10 ft), as you have to unload luggage from the overhead compartments or shut them close.

If you can‘t reach them, well – you can‘t do your job as a Cabin Crew!

Can I work as a Flight Attendant and not know how to swim?

Unfortunately, there is no way around this. Safety requirements dictate that you are able to swim at least 25 meters unassisted. While a situation where your swimming skills would be put to use are very rare, but when they do happen – it‘s very important that a Flight Attendant knows how to swim.

Can Cabin Crew members wear glasses or contact lenses?

Good news is that yes, you can wear either glasses or contact lenses while working as a Flight Attendant!

However, there is some bad news as well. Your vision needs to meet certain standards, so if your vision is too bad without glasses or lenses, unfortunately, airlines won‘t accept your application. The usual requirements for vision are that your diopters need to be between +/- 4, in some cases 5.

The glasses of a Cabin Crew member also need to follow the guidelines of the uniform. Usually, that means that your glasses cannot be “casual” and your lenses cannot come with color.

Another thing to consider is that the air in an aircraft is quite dry. As a result, your eyes with contact lenses can dry even further. So be prepared to work long hours in a dry environment and buy proper lenses.

Can Flight Attendants wear braces?

It depends per airline, but most of the time the answer is no. Because airlines follow a strict uniform protocol, having a clean smile is one of the top items on the list.

If you‘re currently wearing braces and are debating whether it‘s worth taking them off for a job as a cabin crew member, it‘s not. There will always be a demand for Flight Attendants and you‘ve already spent the money, so it is totally not worth it.

Are male candidates considered when applying for a job as a Flight Attendant?

Absolutely yes! However, be aware some airlines might be secretly not accepting male candidates. Some might be much more open about this fact, so just check the requirements under each job ad.

How do I find work as a Cabin Crew member or a Flight attendant?

The answer is quite simple! You simply need to apply for jobs or recruitment events right here. Afterward, you will either attend an event organized by the airline or will be assessed online. If you succeed, you will get a job!

But remember, that you NEVER pay for Flight Attendant training before signing an official contract. Be aware!

Why is working as a Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew good or fun?

Finally, the most important question of them all!

In short, working as a Flight Attendant is fun! You get to travel all around the world, get to see the world from above, work on a flexible schedule, and while you’re on holidays – your flight tickets are much cheaper.

So, while your friends sit in the office in front of their computer screens, you have the chance to look out of the window of an aircraft and enjoy the spectacular views!

Have we missed any questions that you might have? Do not be afraid to ask, as we’ll try to answer them!

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