Germania’s Swiss Subsidiary Rebranded To Chair Airlines

Germania’s Swiss Subsidiary Germania Flug Rebranded To Chair Airlines

As Germania declared insolvency in February, people raised questions about what would happen to Germania’s two subsidiaries – Germania Flug and Bulgarian Eagle.

When Germania declared bankruptcy, unfortunately so did Bulgarian Eagle.

However, Germania Flug’s fate was uncertain. Nevertheless, the Swiss charter airline continued to operate with new owners – Albex Aviation bought out the company in February and picked up a 100% stake in Germania Flug.

In May of 2019, Enter Air, a Polish charter airline, also purchased a stake in the airline, although a minority one. As a result, the ownership is split between Albex Aviation with 50.1% of shares and Enter Air, which owns 49.9% of the company.

And finally, Germania Flug owners announced that a rebranding process is underway.

Firstly, the airline has changed its name to Chair Airlines.

Secondly, the Chair Airline’s aircraft will also carry new colors, replacing the old white and green livery.

A necessary move

After Germania declared bankruptcy and Germania Flug continued to operate and fly passengers all over Europe, rebranding the company was inevitable.

Especially considering the fact that the Swiss subsidiary ran the same color scheme as the German parent company, which could cause confusion among passengers and their main customers – airlines and travel operators that charter Germania Flug aircraft.

Germania Flug Old Livery

The new airline, according to the press release, will be named Chair Airlines.

According to Urs Pelizzoni, the Chief Commercial Officer of Chair Airlines, the new name “represents the seat that you book on one of our flights; different colors used for the letters (red for ch and blue for air) in the new logo, the name also represents our Swiss heritage – but above all is a clever play on words.”

The new, fun and quirky name is definitely a welcome change in an industry where airline names are usually very serious.

And a new name is the perfect first page in the new chapter in the airline’s history.

However, as Will Horton pointed out, customers might struggle to find Chair Airlines on Google:


While it might not matter much when your main focus as an airline is ACMI operations and charter offers to tour operators, Chair Airlines still do sell regular tickets to passengers.

Nevertheless, their destination network will attract customers. Namely, destinations from Zurich like Pristina, Skopje, Ohrid and Beirut lack competitors to Chair Airlines, thus passengers might not have any other choice.

The airline also flies to other popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean, thus this summer season will be the perfect opportunity to roll the Chair out of the hangar.

Chair Airlines currently operates 3 Airbus A19 aircraft, with their main base and hub located in Zurich Airport.

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