Air India Serves A Cockroach On A Flight To Mumbai

Air India Serves A Cockroach On A Flight

It’s one of the most commonly known aviation facts, that food tastes different while you’re 35.000 feet in the air. To sum up, lower temperatures in an aircraft and a pressurized cabin affect your senses. As a consequence, food is not as tasty as on the ground.On the other hand, when we travel, we try to experience new things. New cultures, new food and of course, meet new people. However, not sure many of us would like to experience tasting a cockroach. While flying in an aircraft. Certainly not when you‘re not on an episode of “Fear Factor”.

Surprise Cockroach

Unfortunately, that is what happened to an Air India passenger flying from Bhopal to Mumbai last Saturday. While in the air, cabin crew served the passengers their breakfast, as the Air India flight AI-634 departs at 8:05 AM. And some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only to prepare you for the day ahead physically, but a nice breakfast will put a smile on your face.We’re not really sure whether a surprise cockroach will put a smile on anybody’s face, but this is what exactly happened on the Air India flight to Mumbai. When Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan opened up his meal tray to fill up his stomach, a shocking image appeared right in front of his eyes. A dead cockroach was lying in his food. When he tried to return it to the crew, they apparently ignored him.To seek justice, another passenger took the matters to social media. He posted a picture on Twitter with the caption “Cockroach In Food Served At Air India #Bhopal #Mumbai flight”.You can find the original tweet right here. Be careful though, as the sight is not very pleasing.

Disappointing Experience

After a few days, Air India has apologized for the incident on Twitter as well.“We sincerely apologize for the incident where our valued passenger had a disappointing experience with the meal served on board our Bhopal-Mumbai flight. Air India always endeavours to ensure our passengers enjoy our services. We have taken serious note of the incident and immediately issued a strong notice to the caterer concerned. Air India has a zero tolerance policy in this respect and have initiated corrective action internally. Our senior officials are in touch with the aggrieved passenger.”I mean, saying it was a disappointing experience is putting it slightly lightly… But to each of its own. Hopefully that the airline and the passenger will resolve their differences and come to an agreement.

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