Bomb Threat On A Norwegian Flight DY4321 To Nice

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Bomb Threat On A Norwegian Flight

In the early hours of the afternoon in Sweden, a bomb threat has forced the Norwegian flight DY4321 to turn around and land in Arlanda airport.As the aircraft took off, somebody made a threat against the flight. Due to the safety of the passengers, Norwegian decided to turn the plane around and it landed safely back in Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. Reports claim that the threats came from a phone call in Oslo, warning the airline of an immediate bomb threat onboard the aircraft.The low-cost carrier has confirmed this and has since stated that their number one priority is the safety of everybody onboard the aircraft. Because this was a bomb threat, the police are going to take over the case from now on. Stockholm police have reported that the threat was directed at this flight specifically. They plan to evacuate the aircraft and then investigate the aircraft itself to determine whether the threat was real.The Norwegian flight DY4321 from Stockholm to Nice departed from Arlanda Airport at 10:09 AM. The flight was supposed to arrive at Nice at 12:45 PM, but due to the safety threat had to turn around. According to flightradar24, the Boeing 777 did not leave the Swedish airspace when it turned around. The aircraft is carrying 163 passengers and 6 crew members on board.Currently, the Norwegian Boeing 777 jet is sitting on of the runways at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. The passengers are also safe and the Swedish police have reported that no more incidents have occurred.According to the newest information, stairs are already near the aircraft for passengers to disembark, with buses waiting for the shaken passengers. However, as of now, the police have not allowed the passengers to disembark.

UPDATE: Authorities have allowed the passengers to evacuate the aircraft.

Bomb threats do still happen

Numerous Bomb threats happen for a huge variety of reasons. Although they are not very common, they still do happen.For example, a few weeks ago a student has called in and faked a bomb threat. Why? Because he did not want to meet his parents. Or the time a man wanted to annoy his wife after an argument.Whatever the reason might be for this threat, we do hope nobody gets hurt in this incident.Source

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