New Livery For The Irish Flag Carrier, Aer Lingus

New Livery For The Irish Flag Carrier, Aer Lingus

Recently, airlines such as Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) changed their livery. Or introduced special design concepts, such as the All Nippon Airways turtle livery on it‘s new Airbus A380. Aer Lingus has also decided to freshen up its paint scheme. Today the airline announced a completely new livery concept at a press event. The move comes as Aer Lingus plans to modernize itself with new Airbus A321LR and Airbus A330 aircraft coming in the following years. Last time the national flag carrier of Ireland renewed its livery was over 20 years ago. Sean Doyle, the current CEO of Aer Lingus had this to say about the new livery: “The re-imagining of the Aer Lingus brand reflects Ireland in 2019. A society that is open, progressive, liberal, outward-looking and dynamic, an Ireland that is proudly European and has become the destination of choice for inward investment. The refreshed brand reflects an airline that connects people living in Montreal to Marseilles; in Berlin to Boston; as well as those living in Cork to Croatia.” The new livery eliminates the completely green fuselage. Instead, the new aircraft will carry a white fuselage with a teal rear-end. The iconic shamrock is not going anywhere. Quoting the press release, “our beloved shamrock should be integral to any new design. The Irish emblem has been at the heart of the Aer Lingus brand for more than 80 years, and it will continue to sit proudly across all of our aircraft.” Although the shamrock is slightly different, notably it is tilted. Furthermore, the leaves are shaped like hearts, to “reflect the warmth and hospitality of our brand”.

Livery changes

Aer Lingus added a shamrock to the door of the aircraft. Completely new font with a tribute to the brands’ Irish heritage with a Celtic ‘g’. And instead of white engine covers on the old livery, the new engine cover is painted in the new Aer Lingus teal. Apart from the new livery, the airline also announced its planning to introduce new uniforms. Aer Lingus will present them later this year, with an Irish designer Louise Kennedy designing them. What do you think of the new livery? Personally, we do think the old one looked much better – as white fuselages are nothing new on an aircraft. While the new livery certainly is beautiful, it just does not attract the same attention as the old one. So, we’re quite sad to see the old one gone. But on the other hand, a refreshment of the brand was always a positive thing!

Rewatch the announcement here:

Lufthansa (LHAB

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