Path Of Hate – Stunning Animation Of A Dogfight In The Battle Of Britain

Path Of Hate – An Intense And Beautiful Animation Of A Dogfight

When World War 1 broke out in 1914, military aircraft were first used as spotters. Gathering intelligence of enemy trenches or any potential offensive maneuvers. Pilots encountered enemies in the air, but not much could be done. Admittedly, technology was not ready at the time – first pilots used various items such as bricks, grenades and ropes to combat enemy aircraft. Some even used pistols to shoot the enemy out of the air. But as the war waged on, technological advancements allowed opposing pilots to engage in aerial battles between fighters. As a result, the first pages of dogfight history began. But technology did not stop moving forward and as the Spanish civil war came and eventually, World War 2, dogfighting was at its peak. The intense, bloody and fatal battles raged on from the get-go. Conflicting sides filled the skies of Europe with anti-aircraft shells, magnificent fighters and destruction carrying bombers. No matter how much society romanticizes war and its tragedy we must never forget the true colors of war. And this short animated movie, created and directed by Damian Nenow, perfectly showcases how low humanity can fall. The animated short-movie displays the intensity, the crazy aerial moves and the pumping adrenaline of a dogfight. The film shows how creative, yet crazy you have to be to out-smart your opponent. It presents the true colors of war and what you have to do to survive. And it portrays how a short glimpse of respect for your enemy can still lead you onto the path of hatred. Thus, that is the main message of the short-movie – that in times of conflict, people show their true colors. Nevertheless, the short film is an amazing piece of art. The visuals, sounds and the story of it packaged into a short, 10-minute journey, is definitely a must-watch. So, we would recommend making a hot bowl of popcorn and indulge in the beautiful, yet tragic story of Path Of Hate.


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