Lack Of Tea And Coffee Forces An Emergency Landing

Lack Of Tea And Coffee Forces An Emergency Landing

Just recently the passengers on a Jet2 flight LS155 experienced a very stressful journey. Pilots flying the aircraft had to perform an emergency landing.The people onboard the flight had to go through extreme anxiety, because… The plane did not have enough water for Coffee and Tea. Yep.The Jet2 flight LS155 took off in the early morning hours from Glasgow International Airport to travel to Tenerife. Everything seemed fine and passengers were looking forward to the beginning of their holidays. However, as the Boeing 737 was flying above Ireland, the aircraft diverted to Manchester International Airport. Emergency services poured onto the runway to meet the aircraft if any potential hazard were to present itself.Thankfully, the pilots landed the jet safely. Unfortunately for the passengers, they had to deboard the plane and wait for a replacement aircraft to come and save them from Manchester International Airport.A spokesperson from Jet2 provided a reason for the diversion to Manchester: “There was a technical issue with water on board. There wasn’t water for teas and coffees.” The woman also confirmed that the airline has transferred passengers onto another flight to Tenerife. Additionally, the crew of the flight looked after the passengers to ensure that everyone would get enough tea and coffee.

Passengers expressing their feelings about the Jet2 Flight LS155

Nevertheless, passengers on board the Jet2 flight LS155 were fuming. Some of them took to Twitter to express their anger towards the decision to divert the flight:“So @jet2tweets plane from Glasgow to Tenerife had to turn back & emergency land in Manchester because they had no water supply for hot drinks! My a***. Get a better excuse next time. Forever flying with @Ryanair don’t get this s***. I’ll get to Tenerife yet

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