From Junior Cabin Crew to Quality Manager

Avion Express

Marius Brazys, Avion Express Quality Manager, has been a valuable part of the company since 2012, which in itself is long enough. However, his journey in aviation started long before that.

“I have always wanted to be a pilot,” starts Marius. “The standards and requirements for this job are extremely high, and I have poor eyesight, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t pursue that path. So, I majored in Engineering,” laughs Marius. But Marius knew that he belonged in aviation and never gave up on his passion, so eventually, he started his career as a Junior Cabin Crew. He then worked as a Cabin Crew, Senior Cabin Crew, and even Sales Manager in an aviation company, when one day he got a call from Avion Express. “I was offered the position of Cabin Operations Manager. I didn’t hesitate. By that time flying had become my comfort zone, so I wanted to step out of it yet still remain in aviation.”

Stepping from the aircraft into the office was a big change in Marius’ career. “But in no way is it boring! Aviation is a very interesting industry. Overall, I think I can say that my whole journey with Avion Express has been a success story.”

After working as Avion Express Cabin Operations Manager for a while, Marius became the company’s Cabin Crew Safety Instructor and not long after that he also took the responsibilities of a part-time internal auditor, which he was successfully doing for two years. “At that point, I was sure that I knew everything about cabin crew, so I was craving a change,” says Marius.

Marius’ motivation, curiosity, and constant desire to learn inspired him to dig into the Quality side of aviation more. He started educating himself on the subject, attending trainings, seminars and conferences to get better knowledge in this area. All his efforts and ambition paid off as he was offered the Quality Manager position at Avion Express.

Not only did Marius’ job specifics change, the responsibilities changed a lot as well. Marius’ duties used to circle mainly around the flight, and now he is responsible not only for the flight but for the people involved too. He also needs to make sure that our company is compliant with the industry’s quality standards and regulations. “Delegation of tasks has become a huge part of my job; our team works together to make everything go smoothly. We cooperate all the time not only with the people from the Quality team but from other departments too because there is no such thing as one and only solution for every situation. Our teams constantly exchange views and knowledge to find the best solutions. The company wins when the whole team works as one well-coordinated mechanism,” shares his thoughts Marius.

But his achievements didn’t come overnight. As Marius admits himself, dedication and motivation to be better every day is what brought him to where he is now. “No matter what, you always need to push to the maximum and be a professional till the very end. And you always need to strive for more whatever you do,” says Marius.

Marius has walked a long way since the start of his career in aviation, but is there anything that he would like to change? “I don’t think so. Any experience is valuable,” says Marius. “I have learned a lot of things because the specifics of the area I came from is different. Every step of my career gave me something that I can use now. It’s like a puzzle that comes together.”

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