Top 5 reasons to attend a pilot job fair

They’ve done it: finished their pilot training, gained their type rating, accumulated hours and landed their job as a pilot. While living the dream of many and many cadets already, experienced pilots can still be met at pilot career events/job fairs. So what draws them here?

Perfection is a work in progress and here are the five good reasons why career improvements start at career fairs. 

1. All in one place 

Traveling around the world hunting for jobs can be tedious and stressful. Because of that, you may not be in the best conditions to present yourself under the best light to a potential employer. Job fairs, on the other hand, gather multiple airlines in one place and allow you to choose a location close to you. So no more chasing after them – let the recruiters come to you. 

2. Direct contact

Being just another name in a mailbox is never ideal when you apply to a position. Having the chance to apply directly for offers that interest you and present yourself first-hand to a potential recruiter may give you an advantage over other candidates that send their applications by mail and never get direct contact with the airline. 

3. Ask questions, see what is behind job ads

Usually companies are quite good at explaining what they are looking for in a candidate in their job ads. But adding all perks that might improve your quality of life – not so much. Online job ads are usually pretty evasive and do not always present all the advantages or disadvantages that one position may entitle. 

The job of a pilot is complex. There are a lot of information to take into account before making a decision. Talking with the recruiters directly and hearing from the experiences of other pilots is THE way to learn a maximum of information on the offers that you find.

4. Networking

It only takes one contact to get the perfect opportunity. Whether it is a recruiter, or another pilot, maximize your chances of finding your dream offer by expanding your network during the event. It is also a great occasion to gather information that might give you an edge during an interview. Introduce yourself to the people that matter.

5. Apply on the spot!

Sometimes, a change in your career might be an emergency for you. Some of our exhibitors may have some ready-made offers for you to grab. Win some precious time and apply directly to the position that suits you!

Looking at Emirates, Peach Aviation, Corendon Airlines, ATR, DHLand Mountain High Services or airBaltic as the possible next step for your career? Meet them all in Amsterdam!

With already 10 successful worldwide events in two years of existence, Pilot career show is the opportunity to meet a range of actors from every sector of aviation. We gather all the people and companies that you NEED to know for your career to take off! 

Pilot Career Show:

Date: September 5, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Coming soon in Manilla and Barcelona…

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