Aviation education: Best Flight Academies and Schools in the USA

Air traffic is on the constant rise, with every year topping the previous. Annual growth in 2018 showed an increase of 7.4 percent, and 2019 have projections of another five percent more global air passenger traffic. If you add military pilots, agriculture, weather, and private airplanes, the demand for pilots has never been more significant. To get the pilot certificate you have to go through aviation academy. Besides the will, tuition fees, and flying costs, you will have to be at least 18 years old, get through thorough medical, and have good grades in math and physics.

Aviation college train pilots, but also other complementary occupations like air traffic controllers. In this article, we listed the best aviation schools.



Top aviation colleges and schools

Did you know that pilots and flight engineers are among the top 20 highest paying jobs in the U.S?

Some world-leading flight academies are located in the USA. Bachelor degree in aviation will get you practical flight and ground aviation knowledge, aviation laws, and FAA regulations. You should also be prepared for Federal Aviation Administration certificates. Aviation colleges are demanding, and a lot of time and effort is needed to become pilot. For those overwhelmed with the program, they could use some help with dissertation or additional tutors for advanced technical subjects.

If you want to become a pilot, and you are ready to put in the effort, here are the best aviation colleges in the USA.

Purdue University

Located in the West Lafayette, Indiana Purdue has seven significant undergraduate programs that include Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Aviation Management, Aerospace Financial Analysis, Airline Management and Operations, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Airport Management and Operations, and Professional Flight. Purdue has a nickname “The Cradle of Astronauts,” as a university from which Neil Armstrong graduated. It also has a fleet of 27 aircraft’s, with Cirrus SR20 leading in numbers with 16 planes. Purdue campus has around 30,000 undergraduate students.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The oldest and most significant aviation university programs claim that airlines hire more ERAU graduates than from any other college. Embry-Riddle has three campuses located in Daytona Beach, Florida; Prescott, Arizona and ERAU Worldwide & WorldWide Online. The university has a hefty tuition fee of $50,570. It also has more than 90 airplanes, over 40 simulators and somewhere around 7,000 students.

More than 60 degree programs are ranging from aeronautical science, which is the flight program to air traffic control and business administration. It is the only university with a doctorate in aviation.

University of North Dakota

Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota the John D.Odegard School of Aerospace Studies has two aviation degree programs. UND has a fleet of over 120 airplanes, helicopters and drones, and around 900 students in the flight programs which is regarded as one of the best in the country. The university offers Airport Management, Aviation Management, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Technology Management, Commercial Aviation, and Flight Education.

Western Michigan University

College of Aviation at Western Michigan University has 75 years of tradition and is ranked among top 100 public universities in the country. Among 24,000 students in WMU, around 900 goes to flight school. The aviation department is located in W.K.Kellog Airport in Battle Creek, Michigan, and WMU College of Aviation has substantial fleet led by 26 Cirus SR20 aircraft. The major programs offered in the College of Aviation include aviation flight science, aviation management and operations, and aviation maintenance, technician.

Ohio State University

Founded in 1917, the flight program at Ohio State University is among the oldest and best aviation colleges in the world. With its long tradition, OSU has numerous partnerships with established agencies with opportunities for internships and employment. Located in Columbus, Ohio, OSU within the Engineering’s Center for Aviation Studies offers a bachelor of science in aviation and professional pilot specialization with opportunity for students to earn commercial pilot’s certificate. Ohio State has around 45,800 students enrolled. The university fleet includes 10 Cessna 172.



Other notable universities with flight programs include California Institute of Technology, Arizona State University Polytechnic and Hallmark University. An excellent alternative is the United States Air Force Academy, which offers high-class and demanding education with possibilities to learn and fly far more advanced aircraft.

Aviation offers excellent job opportunities, but these are very demanding colleges and programs. When you look for flight schools, research the university and the college ranking, examine their equipment, primarily aircraft fleet, and look for tuition costs that may vary depending on the program and location.



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