Disassemble your Mi helicopter to 500K pieces in 30 days


Every helicopter operator may eventually come to a point where their aircraft just can‘t get off the helipad. In such case, it is convenient to have your maintenance station near you. However, having a maintenance station in general is quite a luxury, especially to those that have only one or two helicopters operating in their fleet. Even if there are more than one, having a fully equipped maintenance and repair facility for helicopters, especially if it is as specific as Mi-series, is not for every operator. Besides that, what is an operator supposed to do if the helicopter brakes down in the middle of nowhere and transporting it is a difficulty by itself? Helisota, an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul services for rotorcraft aviation, offers a solution – bringing the maintenance shop to where it is needed.

To be more precise, Helisota owns Mobile Maintenance Stations designated for performance of all forms of Mi helicopters scheduled maintenance inspections in areas that lack technical equipment and instruments, in any weather conditions and temperature. Making it all simple – if you need a Mi helicopter repaired in the middle of Sahara, it can be done. The Mobile Maintenance Station is combined in two 40 feet High Cube containers with all necessary maintenance equipment, test benches, instruments and other tools needed to perform inspections and repairs for Mi helicopters at customer’s location.

“We have been supporting government and private rotorcraft operators from over 40 countries worldwide for several decades now. After all this time, we noticed that once in a while, our customers have some issues with their Mi helicopters in areas that are extremely hard to reach, not to talk about the transportation of a really huge aircraft, which in such situations becomes nearly impossible. So, we came up with an idea, how to bring the whole maintenance station to the helicopter itself and packed it in the space of just two shipping containers,” says Mindaugas Trapenskis, Sales Director at Helisota.

Both 40 feet High Cube containers are electrically connected and have external power sources of 1 and 3 phases. Both Mobile Maintenance Stations are equipped with lighting, recuperation and air conditioning systems for comfortable and safe working environment. The only thing needed is a power source for those containers but it also can be solved by having diesel generators just outside the station.

First 40 feet mobile container is dedicated for avionics, radio and electronic equipment of Mi helicopters and the second – for helicopter fuselage and hydraulic, control systems including transmission maintenance and adjustment. Mobile Maintenance Stations are easily transported to any location by land or sea transport and operated by professionals from the company. Moreover, it can be used as an independent maintenance station of Mi helicopters in remote areas.

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