US helicopter drops container on building near Seoul

U.S. Navy photo

A helicopter of the U.S. military dropped a container that was being airlifted via sling load in the vicinity of Cheoin, Yongin City, South Korea on September 23, 2019. During the incident, a building was damaged, but no people were harmed. 

The aircraft belonged to the 2nd Infantry Division/Combined ROK-U.S. Division and, according to the local fire department, was transporting a fuel pump at the time of the incident.

“Unit leaders are at the site,” Public Affairs Officer Martyn Crighton confirmed to AeroTime, adding that “a thorough investigation to identify the cause and circumstances that led to the incident has been initiated”. Crighton did not specify which type of helicopter was involved.

According to local media News1, the metal container fell through the roof of a food factory. Fortunately, it did not cause any injury as the building was empty.

The 2nd Infantry Division “Indianhead” is based at Camp Humphreys near Pyeongtaek-si City, South of Seoul. It is the last permanently forward-stationed division in the U.S. Army. Its current mission is to defend South Korea from an invasion from North Korea.


(Gyeonggi-do Fire Department) 


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