Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 landing gear collapses on touchdown

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A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 made a hard landing at the Odessa International Airport in Ukraine, after the aircraft landing gear collapsed upon touchdown. It was the second such incident on the same day at the airport.

The incident occurred late in the evening on November 21, 2019, as the Boeing 737-800 (reg. TC-JGZ), operating flight TK-467 from Istanbul (IST) to Odessa (ODS), skidded the runway, stopping nose down with collapsed front landing gear.

Pilots of the aircraft were unable to land the 737 upon first approach due to strong winds and had to perform a low-altitude go-around. The incident occurred on the second landing attempt, Ukrainian news agency 112.International reports.

According to Dumskaya news outlet, after losing the front landing gear, the flight crew managed to bring the plane to a halt almost within the boundaries of the runway, coming to a stop between the third and fourth taxiway.

The Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, over 11 years of age, was carrying 134 people on board. Passengers were evacuated using inflatable ramps. No injuries were reported.

The airport was shut down following the incident with flight cancellations continuing though the morning of November 22, 2019.

Interestingly, on the morning of the same day of the Turkish Airlines incident, a similar accident occurred, when the front landing gear of a Dubai-bound private Gulfstream G150 jet broke off during takeoff from the Odessa airport. 


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