Drunk and Duct-taped: S7 Airlines unruly passenger tied to chair

Noel V. Baebler

Passengers onboard S7 Airlines found a creative way to deal with an unruly passenger who became disruptive during a domestic flight and tried to enter the cockpit. A video released by Russia’s Interior Ministry (below) shows the unruly passenger duct-taped to a chair. 

A suspectedly drunk passenger became disruptive on S7 Airlines flight en route from Mineralnye Vody, Russia. The man used “obscene” language when talking to flight attendants and other passengers, reacted aggressively to crew’s commands and was attempting to enter the cockpit, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed in a statement on December 16, 2019. 

drunk s7 airlines passenger duct taped to a chair aerotime news

Upon landing in Novosibirsk International Airport (also known as Tolmachevo airport, OVB), the aircraft was met by police. When law enforcement entered the aircraft, they found the aforementioned passenger tied up to a chair, kicking the cabin’s wall with his feet. 

“To avoid serious consequences, the crew was forced to restrict his movements,” the statement explains. As seen in a video from the incident scene, flight attendants apparently employed the good old duct type for the task.

The police took the man, who showed visible signs of intoxication, into custody, where he continued to behave defiantly and use obscene language. When asked about the incident on board the plane, however, the man claimed not to remember anything. 

Authorities launched an investigation under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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