Is a smooth landing the measure of a good pilot?

Is a smooth landing the measure of a good pilot?

Many people think that the type of the aircraft does not affect the type of landing. It is also believed that only skilled pilots can land an aircraft smoothly.


A smooth landing depends on the (flare) The flare follows the final approach phase and precedes the touchdown and roll-out phases of landing. which lifts up the aircraft nose before 30ft and it also depends on the throttle where the power of the engine is reduce by slowly turning it off until the landing gear touches down the ground.

A pilot should always have a good sense of timing, so they don’t turn the engine off seconds after the landing gear touches the ground.


The type of the aircraft can also impact a smooth landing, however, not significantly, as we know there are many types of landing gear (Tricycle ,Tandem Landing Gear, one row as in the A320 and MD90 (close to the belly of the plane) ,two or three rows like the boeing777 (Far from the belly of the plane)..etc (this type of landing can be performed easy by the two or three rows type of landing gear).

(BOEING 777-300ER Landing Gear)

As for the skill of the pilot, it does not have a big role because there are weather conditions, crosswinds, traffic, runway pressure, materials used for runway paving, ground spoiler, and different computers systems from aircraft to another.


Those situations are not dangerous because airliners are built to handle stresses well beyond the typical hard landing. But beyond consideration for the equipment, a pilot’s job is to get passengers to their destinations as safely and as comfortably as possible. Providing smooth landings is one way pilots show their skill and finesse, and it’s something all pilots strive for.


Bon voyage!

-Bader Al-Kalaldeh

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