JO Aeronautical Systems Capability Growth On The Middle East MRO


Jordan Aeronautical-systems Company (JAC) is an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) specialized in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul and approved by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission CARC under the number CARC.AMO.05. We deliver complete aviation solutions, focusing on effective, high quality and value-added services. JAC provides line and base maintenance for B737CL+NG, C-130 (L382) and AGUSTA AW-139 Aircraft. JAC maintenance services also include the JT8D, CFM56 & Allison T56-7/15, removal- installation, synchronization, ground run, and troubleshooting.

Other general maintenance services such as structure repair, wheel s and brakes, NDT and interior cabin services are also available. JAC is privileged to be a Jordanian company as Jordan is located strategically and centrally in the Middle East, enjoying political and economic stability. Furthermore, with JAC being registered in the Private.

Ziad Abuain, CEO of Jordan Aeronautical-systems Company, discusses where customer demand lies and its plans to grow capabilities in the coming years.

JAC repairs mature engine types such as the JTD8 series and CMF56. Is demand for these older engines still proving strong?

African and various Middle Eastern operators are still operating legacy engines such as CFM56 & JT8D. However; based on our projections the demand for these older engines will be extinct within four to five years.

Geographically, how is the expansion into the Africa and Central Asia regions going?

Demand for services in recent years has very much decreased from surrounding Middle Eastern countries. This due to the ongoing political and economic conflicts in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. A great portion of their fleets and airport infrastructure were destroyed and fleet utilization has decreased to a minimum. Our strategic plan is to target regions where the demand is higher and consistent. I foresee high demand however for MRO services on contemporary aircraft for older aircraft for Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa regions.

Which service are you currently seeing the largest amount of demand?

The largest amount of demand for airframe and engine services on 737 classics as well as NGs, in addition to avionics upgrade which is third largest dimension on the C130, 382 and L100 aircraft. Most of our customers’ demands are forthcoming from the Middle Eastern and African regions. We will be targeting European and Central Asian operators upon approval for A320 family.

Mission & Vision:


To provide the Civil and Military Aviation Market with complete solutions for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

We are committed to providing high quality, on-time and cost effective solutions to satisfy customers’ needs, benefit the local community and participate positively in the Jordanian economy.


To continue developing complete Aviation Solutions in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul with innovation, quality and value-added services.

We respond to the ongoing evolution of the Aviation market by continually enhancing our capabilities to meet global needs.

Nothing can stop our storm in aviation business, EASA & Airbus are the next step and will never be the last.

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