Record lows: Boeing reveals orders and deliveries in 2019

Jimmy Tudeschi

Boeing announced its Q4 and subsequently full-year orders and deliveries results. Struggling to deal with the 737 MAX crisis and other issues, including the 777X delays and KC-46 safety issues, the once-biggest aircraft manufacturer was forced to cede its position to Airbus.

In total, Boeing delivered 79 commercial aircraft in Q4 2019 and a total of 380 planes to customers around the world throughout the year. In the last quarter, nine airplanes delivered were of the 737 program, including the last 737 Next Generation aircraft to the Dutch airline KLM. Other deliveries include two 747s, 11 767s, 12 Triple Sevens and 45 Dreamliners. 

Such low yearly delivery numbers were last seen in 2005, when the company handed over only 290 aircraft to airlines, a slight up from the totals in 2004. 

In the orders department, the company attracted 246 gross orders. After cancellations and adjustments to its accounting books, including the orders that are unlikely to be fulfilled, Boeing ended 2019 with a net order result of -87.

Airbus, meanwhile, had a great 2019, with a total of 863 deliveries and 768 net orders.

The U.S. company is set to release its Q4 financial results on January 29, 2019.

Boeing’s new long-term Chief Executive Officer, David Calhoun started his term on January 13, 2020. Calhoun replaced the ousted Dennis Muilenburg, as the manufacturer still struggles to cope with the problems following the continuing 737 MAX crisis.


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