Massive fire breaks next to Sydney Airport

COLOA Studio,

On January 21, 2020, 18 crews of emergency services, made of 70 fire fighters, rushed towards Sydney Airport (SYD), Australia. The emergency services responded to a huge fire, which broke out in a factory located next to the airport grounds.

Currently, the airport continues operations as normal and there are no indication of any sizable delays or flight cancellations among both arriving and departing passenger planes either. 

“’We are anticipating minimal delays, less than 15 minutes as a result of the smoke,’ an airport’s spokesperson reportedly told the media. 

The spokesperson has also reportedly denied there were immediate danger related to the airport fuel storage. The latter concern arose after Sydney Airport fire crews were spotted rushing to fuel storage depots.

Sydney Airport is one of Australia’s busiest airports, which handles just under four million passengers per month, and 44 million per year, the airport’s latest figures (as of December 2019) indicate. 

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