Aleppo International Airport welcomes first flight in nine years

Mo Azizi

Aleppo International Airport (ALP), the second-largest airport in Syria, opened its gates for a commercial flight on February 19, 2020. Syrian Air Flight RB113, which landed at ALP at 11:23 AM local time (UTC+2) was the first commercial flight at the airport in nine years.

Syrian Air operated the 40-minute domestic flight from the Syrian capital, Damascus, with an Airbus A320, registered YK-AKF, marking the re-opening of the airport. Aleppo airport was closed in December 2012 due to the Syrian government and the opposition fights in the area. While it was briefly opened in 2017, the authorities once again closed the terminal due to security concerns.

Syrian authorities indicate that flights from Aleppo International Airport (ALP) would also operate to Beirut, Lebanon; Cairo, Egypt; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Erevan, Armenia; and Moscow, Russia, reports Gulf News.

However, the route is still, seemingly, unavailable to the public: Syrian Air’s website does not include Aleppo amid its destinations list when attempting to book flights. Reports indicate that Flight RB113 was taken by Syrian officials and journalists to mark the occasion of the re-opening of the airport.


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