AeroTime Hub launches Pilot Salary tool for pilots and recruiters

AeroTime Hub has just introduced a brand new tool called Pilot Salary, which helps aviation professionals get a better understanding of the pilot job market.

A brand new tool called Pilot Salary was created to help aviation professionals get a better understanding of the pilot job market. It promises to open new possibilities for airlines and companies to improve workforce planning and to stay competitive in the ever-changing pilot recruitment market.

The service is based on real data collected from pilots: the tool automatically builds a detailed report for each pilot who fills in the survey and shows their compensation and benefits measured against the average in the region.

โ€œWith Pilot Salary we are kicking off the new AeroTime Hub approach โ€“ to develop value-added products for our partnersโ€, the CEO of AeroTime Hub Mindaugas Gumauskas explains. โ€œConstantly updated data provides comprehensive material for recruiters to understand the current climate in the field, helps to set the right expectations and improve talent planningโ€, he adds.

The need for pilots today is often cited as one of the biggest challenges of the decade. Boeing predicts that around 800,000 pilots will be needed over the next 20 years. In this context, the Pilot Salary tool is a smart solution that will help companies make informed decisions and offer attractive terms for their employees.

Pilot Salary debuts in Beta and in the early version will show data for pilots from Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Later, Pilot Salary will broaden the scope with statistics for South America, Africa, CIS countries and China.

โ€œIn the long run, Pilot Salary will add functionality to become a universal destination for the most in-depth knowledge with a focus on pilotsโ€, says Gumauskas.

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