The Top 15 Best Traded Aircraft Spare Parts Of 2019

Aviation encounters new challenges every year due to the structure of its industry. Whether it’s in commercial flights for regular travel or in cargo services, aviation needs to continually expand and overcome its limits to meet the industry’s vast capacity and demand. 2019 wasn’t any different. The demand in the industry came with a significant increase and need for spare parts.

As you probably know, an aircraft performs optimally when it is in permanent and continuous use. If it stays on the ground, this decreases the health of the plane which results in unnecessary revenue losses. However, despite the advantages of continually flying aircraft, safety regulations must be followed, and this is coupled with routine checks and maintenance procedures performed at timely intervals. This terrain reiterates the crucial need to acquire spare parts quickly and effectively. steps in to accurately provide the best market service times.

Most popular Total Air Sensors (TAT) and air data parts started to release a list of its best performing aircraft spare parts every year. In 2018 the most popular were modifications and equipment accustomed to aircraft wheels and brakes. However, in 2019 the top place was taken by Total Air Sensors (TAT) and other air data spare parts.

When flying an aircraft, pilots must have accurate data readings on outside temperatures and flight factors to avoid errors and ensure smooth aircraft handling. TAT sensors are positioned on the airflow of an aircraft which in turn results in the kinect heating raising the temperature above outside air temperature. This temperature is crucial in determining True Air Speed (TAS). is glad to announce that 100% of the customers who looked for this part were able to find it on the company marketplace and they all experienced successful transactions and deliveries of the part.

The other spare part among the list was an Air Data Computer (ADC) which is essential in determining the aircraft altitude, calibrated speed and other flight factors. It is also used to calculate TAS as the information from TAT is transferred to an ADC which then finishes the calculations.

The importance of timely information in the sky

The other trendy spare parts were receivers and transceivers. These two parts are essential in assuring the sufficient flow of communication and information between an aircraft and its instruments and ATC’s (Air Traffic Control Centers). Receivers and transmitters are the electronic devices that manipulate electricity resulting in the transmission of useful information through the atmosphere or space.

Magnetometers also entered the list as one of the most wanted spare parts in 2019. Magnetometers are a crucial part used in navigation equipment. A simplified version of it was used in early aviation days and remained the vital part due to its helpfulness. In the early days of magnetometers, it was used as an instrument to show heading information and took up quite a lot of space.

These days magnetometer measures Earth’s magnetic field and shows orientation. Therefore, pilots can know where they are and where their destination point is situated if the aircraft is veered off course unexpectedly.

The future trends and spare part demand

Comparing the results of 2018 and 2019, we can perceive that it is hard to predict which spare parts will be the most sought out in the market. Today the short-term impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has drastically changed operations within the industry. However, the prediction here is not as crucial as the speed of adapting to change that will come with fulfilling the dynamic demand of the industry’s landscape. is determined to provide speedy and cost-effective services. Our parts reach our clients in the shortest possible time and help save and reduce the time an aircraft spends on the ground.

“We are constantly improving our services and implementing modern IT systems to fulfil the ever-growing demand of our customers’ needs” stated the CEO at, Dainius Meilunas. The company is famous among airlines and MRO companies for their fast handling manner and vast experience in the aviation field. Additionally, by being part of a worldwide aviation group, has resources to advance their solutions faster and get ahead of the competition.

You can find the full list of TOP 15 spare parts below.

TOP 15 aircraft spare parts and part numbers (PN) of 2019:


2. MAGNETOMETER, 011-00870-00, 002A0006-69

3. AIR DATA COMPUTER, 011-00882-10


5. RECEIVER ASSY BLACK, 011-01060-00

6. TRANSCEIVER VHF COMM, 064-50000-2052

7. Battery, 024147-000



10. SENSOR, 0154JU

11. RELAY BOX, 005RL05

12. SWITCH, 024804-002

13. AUTO PILOT COMPUTER, 065-0042-03

14. MODULE DISPLAY, 043351-4

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