KlasJet adds cargo services to its portfolio


KlasJet, a family member of Avia Solutions Group and a private and corporate jet charter company, has added cargo services to its portfolio by collaborating with cargo airline BlueBird Nordic. The latter company’s newly acquired Boeing 737-300 (LY-MRN), named Merlin, will enable KlasJet to carry out cargo services globally.

The alliance of KlasJet’s experience providing the highest quality services, planning difficult, time-critical routes and BlueBird Nordic’s experience in air cargo sector benefit each other expanding the opportunities that private charter can offer.

With the biggest Boeing 737-VIP fleet in the world, KlasJet has been meeting the most outstanding expectations of the clients and now, the company will be able to exceed them.

As for the current situation in the world, born from the COVID-19 outbreak, KlasJet has already showed the ability to react to these extreme circumstances by providing repatriation and humanitarian flights. Adding cargo services means responding to the currently rising demand in the market, which will be of use when transporting a team of medics, who require special gear, carried together with them, larger amounts of medical supplies, personal protective equipment and other.

KlasJet will continue its usual operations, except from now on its clients will have access to additional advantages. For instance, music bands, performers and a variety of other professionals will now be able to carry the necessary equipment along with them without having to arrange separate transportation. In general, KlasJet’s cargo services will include transportation of the majority of items, including automotive parts, furniture, electronics and kinds that may require special care, are subject to specific regulations or need to be delivered in a timely manner.

The company named the new aircraft after the Merlin falcon for a specific reason. “The Merlin is a species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere that represent visionary power, wisdom and guardianship, which KlasJet admires. We chose to name the new jet after this bird because partnering with BlueBird Nordic and adding cargo services to our portfolio is an extremely important step for the company; it expands our already remarkable expertise and makes our private charter portfolio complete”, Rita Domkute, CEO.

About KlasJet:

KlasJet is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group from Central and Eastern Europe with 83 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide. KlasJet is a European business aviation company, specializing in comprehensive aircraft management solutions as well as private and corporate charter flights. Operating a fleet of uniquely designed jets based in Vilnius, Lithuania, as well as airports across Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and the CIS, KlasJet provides comfort, safety and attention to detail from the ground up. The company focuses on clients’ needs with the elegant simplicity of a single point of contact for all travel demands. KlasJet commits to the highest level of worry-free aviation services.

About Bluebird Nordic:

Bluebird Nordic is a cargo airline headquartered in Iceland. It provides a wet lease service to integrators like ASL/FedEX, UPS and DHL, charter brokers as well as other cargo airlines in Europe. Bluebird Nordic also serves general airfreight market to/from Iceland with interline connections with UPS, Emirates and Aer Lingus to over 100 destinations worldwide.

The team of Bluebird Nordic consists of more than 100 qualified professionals, including pilots, engineers, flight dispatchers and administration personnel.

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