BAA Training Resumes Flight Training in Lithuania

BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, announces the reopening of the flight training base in Kaunas, Lithuania, and resumption of its Ab Initio flight training operations after the Covid-19 distractions. While successfully continuing theoretical training and school exams virtually, the Academy is also actively re-launching practical training.

Providing initial pilot training since 2009 and collaborating with major airlines for cadet training programs since 2016, BAA Training currently counts over 320 students at its Ab Initio school.

After the Covid–19 hit the aviation industry and countries’ lockdown took place, BAA Training, as all the educational institutions, was forced to close classrooms in Lithuania and temporarily cease flight training operations in Spain – at the flight base at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport and Castellón Airport.

In order to keep up with the student pilots’ training programs, the Academy successfully moved to virtual theoretical training and virtual school exams in the middle of March and was one of the first training centres in Europe to replace theoretical training in classrooms with virtual studies.

The possibility to renew flight training, therefore, appeared after the latest decision of the Government of Lithuania to ease some of the quarantine restrictions – practical aviation training was listed among these.

While the Covid -19 situation in Spain remains serious and all aviation training is restricted until further notice, BAA Training has decided to open the flight base in Lithuania, at S.Dariaus and S.Girėno aerodrome in Kaunas, earlier this season.

Even during the quarantine, BAA Training holds its strong reputation for adhering to safety and quality standards of aviation training and assures that all activities in this base fully comply with the requirements established by the Minister of Health for practical training and all safety measures are in place to ensure the smooth and effective training process without compromise on safety.

Flight training with four Cessna 172 S aircraft for BAA Training students started on 5 May, 2020. While first students further continue their training, some are going to take off for their first flights.

All these students have been staying in Lithuania since the beginning of the quarantine and have been waiting for an opportunity to fly. The Academy plans to deliver flight training seven days per week.

“The Covid–19 has heavily affected all aviation businesses, including aviation training. After a relatively long period of uncertainty, we consider reopening of the flight base in Lithuania to be of key importance to our students, instructors, employees and other aviation staff. First of all, it ensures the continuity of a training program.

Looking forward to the nearest future, when, hopefully, at least some of the airlines will start renewing flights and governments will find a way to open the borders as safely as possible, we expect the growing need for not only Ab Initio training, but also for recurrent training and, in particular, recency training.

With the actual four Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft families’ full flight simulators in Lithuania and two Airbus full flight simulators in Vietnam, we have capabilities to meet the upcoming need for pilot training in Europe and Vietnam”, comments Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

In order to minimize the Covid–19 risks and ensure the safety of our students, instructors, employees as well as aerodrome workers, BAA Training has invested in safety measures. In line with the regulation rules and instructions that have been implemented regarding disinfection and hygiene procedures, the following measures have been introduced:

  • provision of disinfection liquid in all briefing rooms, hangars for aircraft and on other aerodrome premises dedicated for training;
  • provision and mandatory use of the approved type of masks and single-use gloves during flights and on aerodrome premises;
  • disinfection of the aircraft following the strict instructions;
  • disinfection of all aerodrome premises operated by the Academy according to the recommendations of Lithuania’s Ministry of Health;
  • disinfection of all Academy’s shuttle busses after each students’ transfer from Vilnius to Kaunas and vice versa.
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