iAero Boeing 737 tail parts go missing mid-flight

After what seemed like an uneventful flight, an iAero Boeing 737 landed with parts of its tail missing. 

The iAero Boeing 737-800, registered N820TJ, was carrying out flight WQ-3518 from Victorville (VCV) to San Diego (SAN), United States, on May 19, 2020. After what seemed like a nominal flight, the aircraft landed on San Diego’s runway 27. 

However, pictures on social media show that non-structural parts of the vertical tail, the leading edge and left side, had gone missing. Additionally, dents could be observed on the leading edge of the left horizontal stabilizer.

No incident was recorded and the flight crew did not report any impact. The aircraft is still immobilized, more than 45 hours after the flight.

The Boeing 737 N820TJ is a 22-year-old airframe and was acquired by iAero in 2019, according to planespotters data.

iAero Airways is a charter airline, subsidiary of iAero Group. It was previously known as Swift Air, until its acquisition in 2019.

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