Top 7 Must-Follow Pilot podcasts in 2020

With a rapid spread of digital technologies, people went from reading paper newsletters and books to listening to podcasts of popular talk shows or discussions. When it comes to aviation, podcasts became one of the most convenient formats of sharing and looking up for relevant information from aviation news to inspiring pilots’ stories. Here is a list of 7 must-follow aviation podcasts in 2020. Now it is easier than ever before to follow aviation trends, pilot job possibilities, and other aviation-related news.

Just Plane Radio

The world’s one and only radio show that shares the newest information about aviation news. Just Plane Radio releases its audio program weekly. The radio show, including podcasts, mostly covers topics like the lifestyle of pilots and the training process of becoming a professional pilot. Listeners of Just Plane Radio can offer topics and join the live conversation during the show.

Airline Pilot Guy Show

The podcast was started by Jeff Nielsen, the MD-88/90 Captain of ACME Air. The audio content can be described as a “personal view from the cockpit door.” Airline Pilot Guy Show grew a massive pilot community, which has an approach to not only podcasts but to the whole audio library of pilot-related books. The podcast mostly covers topics like aviation safety, flight accidents, and travel-related themes.

Ready For Takeoff

The name of the podcast correctly describes the main topic of its audio program ‒ the beginning of the pilot’s career. The host of this podcast is George Nolly, which started his aviation career at the age of 17. Nolly shares stories about the ups and downs of his captain profession, for a reason to educate and inspire young pilots, which are just starting their career.

Inspired Pilot

When it comes to inspiring and extraordinary stories, the pilot’s job is not exceptional and the Inspired Pilot podcast is all about that! Begined in 2015, this podcast is one of a few aviation-related audio programs, which mainly focus on sharing inspiration through the real stories of the pilot’s job. The podcast provides promising audio content, which motivates to see professional challenges from the bright side and move purposefully to the goals of the pilot’s career, either you are the piloting trainee or the first officer with many years of experience.

NBAA Flight Plan Podcast

Flight Plan Podcast is an official podcast of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The main focus of the audio program is to discuss aviation news, business, and technologies. If you are looking for any tips on how to build up a successful aviation-related business, NBAA becomes a convenient source for you!

Pilot to Pilot

The podcast started its audio program in 2017. The Pilot to Pilot was created by Justin Siems, who is an ATP rated pilot with over 4,000 flying hours. The aim of this podcast is to gather the global pilot’s community and bring the discussion on any aviation-related topic. Pilot to Pilot unites experienced commercial pilots and either those, who fly just for fun!

Uncontrolled Airspace

The bi-weekly podcast covers the news and conversations about general aviation flying. Also, it features interviews with professional aviation speakers and discusses the latest aviation technologies, professional pilot training, and safety in aviation. Uncontrolled Airspace presents convenient content for either pilot-beginner or experienced first officer.

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