Colibri Aero, J&C Aero to develop cargo containers for widebodies

Colibri Aero with J&C Aero announced the development of cargo containers for widebody passenger cabins. It would allow cabin conversion between passenger and cargo operations within 24 hours, the companies claim. 

The cargo containers for Airbus A330, A340 and Boeing 767, 777 come in five different sizes. While each container is equipped with its own smoke detector, they should be used in cabins with the supervising cabin crew members, as outlined in the companies statement on June 11, 2020. 

“While developing Cargo Containers, our main focus was safety, the volume of cargo, and the time required to change the seats with containers and vice versa. With one container being able to transport up to 850 kg (1870 lb) of commercial cargo, a typical Airbus A330 cabin can be converted in just 24 hours fitting 36 containers. This means that almost 27 tons (58,640 lb) of cargo per single flight can be transported inside the passenger cabin. We see stable demand for this product not only in the nearest future but also in a longer perspective as the aviation industry adapts to the new, post-COVID-19 world,” says Laurynas Skukauskas, the Chief Commercial Officer at J&C Aero.

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