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Charlie McMullen, Director – Intradco Global

“Similar to the last two months, June has seen PPE support the airfreight freight industry. PPE has not only been relief to the millions of people in need, but it has been the economic relief to many airlines that would have otherwise been even closer to collapse.

However, we do see the market softening, which is shown by the average Shanghai to USA rate now reducing to a more familiar level of $5.06 USD per KG.

The key trends are still:

· Soft global demand for airfreight, besides demand for PPE

· Shortage of capacity remains – 27% lower for the same period in 2019

· Further conversions still entering the freight market, with over 400 PAX aircraft converted to freight configuration

· PAX capacity is making positive slow returns in European and Chinese markets

Consumer goods are now gaining traction, which we see from new requests on the market, with attentions of shippers already turning towards the Q3/Q4 race for capacity.

It will be an interesting to see how Q4 plays out. If consumer demand remains high, then we could see a similar scramble for capacity and high air charter pricing like we did through March to May. I think it will be question of just how badly affected the global economy will be, or will we see a rebound in spending once restrictions are lifted.

Intradco Global’s key product is flying live animals. The equine side of the business has been heavily affected, primarily due to the restrictions of travel for the grooms who need to accompany the horses. Livestock transportation has remained consistently in demand, and we have managed some large charter projects over the last few months. COVID-19 created issues for everyone but we were able to complete these operations despite the extra restrictions and testing times.

We have seen Intradco Global and our partners adapt quickly to get the job done. Let’s hope we keep seeing further improvement in the coming months.“

About Intradco Global:

Intradco Global has decades of experience providing safe and secure logistics solutions for animals of all shapes and sizes.

Whether your requirement is to fly Thoroughbred horses to a race event, or giraffes for a conservation programme, our animal air transport specialists provide carefully planned solutions for challenging shipments.

We put the welfare of your animals first. Our in-flight care team accompany the animals to ensure that there is always a professional hand on board during every flight, eliminating any potential risks that could occur. Our expert team has an in-depth knowledge of IATA’s Live Animals Regulations (LAR) – the global standard in transporting live animals by commercial airlines.

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