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How safe is it to travel on a passenger aircraft in the Covid-19 world?

Catriona Taylor, Group Passenger Operations Director, Chapman Freeborn.

Most aircraft have highly equipped HEPA air filter systems which remove airborne particles, even the size of bacteria or microscopic viruses. These systems re circulate air around the cabin, approximately 20-30 times per hour similar to standards used in hospital environments. Airlines are following strict guidance on safety measures to be sure that everything has been thought of prior to flight. From arriving at the airport you’ll find that the interaction with check in staff is behind screens so the contact with passengers is as limited as possible as well as use of mobile boarding cards where possible. Airlines are carrying out cleaning protocols to disinfect the aircraft with often hospital grade products.

On board will be a different experience than most will be used to, many airlines are blocking the use of one toilet for crew use only whilst the other toilet is being regularly disinfected. Hand sanitizers will be in the toilets and also available in the galleys. All these measures are taken to look after the safety of the passengers. Catering is at a minimum too to reduce interaction with the crew. Crews are mainly wearing PPE in form of masks or face shields along with gloves throughout the flight. Should any passenger fall ill during the flight there is usually a blocked off area on the aircraft to distance the passenger from anyone else.

About Chapman Freeborn:

The Chapman Freeborn group was established in the UK in 1973. The company has offices worldwide including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In the cargo market, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering specialises in the charter and lease of aircraft for a wide-ranging customer base, including freight forwarders, multinational corporations, governments, humanitarian agencies and a host of industries around the globe. In addition to freight services, Chapman Freeborn offers specialist passenger services including private jet charters for executive travel and large aircraft for crew rotations and international group travel.

Chapman Freeborn is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe with 83 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide.

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