Who is the world’s youngest in the aviation industry?

Chris Leipelt

It is pretty sweet to be the youngest in the family or a group of friends. Although what about being the youngest in the aviation industry? From having the world’s youngest fleet to being an 26-year-old commercial airline captain. The aerospace industry has to offer not only the youngest generation of professional pilots but also brings new and modern airlines every year. In this article, get to know more about the world’s youngests in the aviation industry.

The world’s youngest woman to captain Boeing 777

From early childhood, Anny Divya surely wanted to become a pilot in the future. After finishing school at age 17, she enrolled at Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), the flying school in Uttar Pradesh, India, where she tried to fly for the first time. At the age of 19, Divya completed the training and started to work at Air India. Two years later, she went to London for further training, where she started flying the Boeing 777. In 2017, being just 30 years old, Divya became the world’s youngest Boeing 777 captain. 

Airlines with the youngest fleets in the world

VietJetAir, an international low-cost airline from Vietnam, has the world’s youngest fleet among large airlines. Vietjet operates an advanced and environmentally friendly fleet with an average age of 3 years.

Russian Airlines, also known as Aeroflot, has the world’s youngest fleets among extra-large airlines. Aeroflot is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. In May 2020, Aeroflot’s fleet carried 246 aircraft with an average age of 5 years.

The youngest commercial airline captain in the world

Kate McWilliams is considered to be the youngest ever commercial airline captain in the world at the age of 26. She started her journey of becoming a pilot from 13 years old by flying in the air cadets before embarking on a training program at CTC Aviation in Southampton on her 19th birthday. In 2011, McWilliams joined easyJet as a first officer and took up the rank of captain after passing the command course. In 2016, McWilliams became the captain at easyJet and took the crown of the world’s youngest commercial airline captain. 

The youngest of the world’s airlines

Pivot Airlines is a Canadian charter airline founded in May 2020 after purchasing the assets of Air Georgian. Pivot Airlines is owned by Binder Capital Corporation, a Canadian private equity firm based in Calgary. The airline orientates on workforce logistic charters and ACMI contracts. Also, the airline’s Canadian air operator certificate allows for the operation of CRJ-100 series aircraft under subpart 705 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Pivot Airlines is currently the youngest airline in the world.

The youngest female pilot of one-person aircraft in the UK

Ellie Carter had a dream to become an altitude pilot, test pilot, or a stunt pilot. At the age of 9, Carter has already been taking control of an aircraft. In 2017, Carter completed her first lone flight on her 14th birthday and became the UK’s youngest solo glider pilot. After two years, Carter became the youngest pilot of a one-person aircraft in the UK by being only 16 years old

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