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Airplanes and aviators have been a common theme of many great movies that the film industry gave us. We have already shared with you a list of classic aviation movies to watch at home. This time we would like to tell you about several movies that captured the life of a cabin crew. 

Some of these pictures recount real historical events, some tell a story about innovators and some of them just give a good portion of laughs. 

Films with flight attendants as main character

Flight attendants’ profession is not as easy as it might look. They have many duties  and must not only assist passengers but maintain a cold-blooded temper no matter what happens on board of a plane. 

Neerja, 2016

Thriller, Drama, Biography; India

The film is based on the life story of a stewardess Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed herself to protect 359 passengers on board Pan Am flight 73 in 1986.  The tragedy happened on board of the plane flying from Bombay to New York. During a landing in the Pakistani city of Karachi, a group of armed terrorists captured the plane, but Bhanot alerted the flight deck crew and they escaped through an emergency exit in the cockpit. For more than 17 hours, the bandits demanded the return of the crew, and Neerja took care of the passengers and tried to save their lives. That day people saw the real difference between terrorism, which his followers are trying to ennoble with all their might, and the heroism shown by the young girl.

Pan Am, 2011

Melodrama, Historical, Drama; USA

The beginning of the 1960s was a time when flying was considered a luxury. At that time, airplanes were luxurious, while pilots and flight attendants were beautiful and smart. 

Four young girls ‒ Margaret, Laura, Colette, and Katherine ‒- decided to become stewardesses of the famous Pan American airline. The position of a flight attendant allowed them not only to earn good money, but also to travel around the world ‒ London, New York, Rome, and many other large cities, and also, perhaps, even meet a true love.

Turbulence, 1997

Thriller, Action; USA

A group of US marshals are guarding transportation of two criminals to Los Angeles onboard a Boeing 747. One of the prisoners manages to free himself from the shackles, but is killed in the ensuing shootout. Marshals and both pilots are also killed, and the situation on board becomes critical. 

Another criminal that was guarded by marshals, a brutal maniac Ryan Weaver is trying to convince flight attendant Terry Halloran of his innocence, but Terry does not believe his words.

Terry takes the pilot’s seat in the cockpit, while Weaver begins to interfere with the safe landing of the aircraft: the maniac plans to die, taking with him as many innocent people as possible.

Airplane!, 1980

Comedy; USA

A passenger plane carrying a group of people may crash. It is hilarious over the top comedy in the style of Naked Gun or Hot Shots. Due to the flight crew’s food poisoning, the plane is left without control and may crash soon. The flight attendant, together with a former military pilot, must save a motley crew of passengers who are doomed to die without help. 

LA to Vegas, 2018

TV series; USA

A weekly flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is a routine matter and does not bring any surprises. The crew has flown for a long time and performs their duties almost blindly. Weather conditions can make some difference, but this is also an exception. However, social interaction is always an unpredictable matter. A carelessly dropped word, a hidden grudge or just a look from beneath the eyebrows can unexpectedly arouse a variety of emotions among passengers and the crew. The flight attendants in the film face different situations when they have to solve conflicts among passengers and between each other and do it quickly with tact and humor. It is very light and easy to watch a TV show which will make you laugh and maybe cry sometimes. 

Boeing, Boeing, 1965

Comedy; USA

American journalist Bernard Lawrence works in Paris and is dating three flight attendants at the same time. Since they work on various airlines and each of them comes home every three days, they do not suspect the infidelity of their beloved. Everything is going well until the ladies change their flight schedules, which allows them to be home more often. Also, Bernard’s rival Robert Reed arrives to Paris. 

All flight attendants go to heaven (Todas las azafatas van al cielo), 2002

Drama, comedy; Argentina, Spain 

Teresa works as a flight attendant. She lives in her paradise of impeccable uniforms and small trays of frozen food. She is afraid of the world below. The world of men, love, motherhood, and family. She prefers airports and perpetual flight. Down on earth lives Julian. A recently widowed young doctor who needs to get to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. He must keep his promise and dispel the ashes of his wife (who was also a flight attendant) in the place where they met. Julian has known love and pain and wants to escape to paradise from this earthly world. An inevitable meeting at the end of the world, where heaven and earth merge in whiteness, and where the past turns into the horizon.   

What are your favorite movies about flight attendants? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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