What will post-corona airport experience be like for passengers?

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Airports play an important role in the global aviation industry and are significant part of the travelling experience for passengers. Corona virus pandemic has affected the whole industry; therefore, the changes in the infrastructure of the airports in order for them to adapt to post-corona world are inevitable.

It is projected that the airport experience for passengers will be more intense and involve a number of additional uncommon procedures.

The restrictions for entering the airports are expected – most likely, only the travellers will be allowed in. “That’s to really ensure that the only people we’ll have to be dealing with are people that are going to be flying”, says Regine Weston, the Americas airport planning leader for Arup.

Alternative options to avoid security lines, which usually are one of the most crowded areas in the airport, will also be considered. The latest suggestion for that is to offer the passengers to book an appointment in advance for going through security. If each passenger comes at a certain slot, the queues will possibly be eliminated.

Additional health checks will undoubtedly be carried out, including passenger temperature measuring using the contactless infrared thermometers. It is also possible that travellers will be tested for coronavirus – according to SimpliFlying’s report, a lung CV scans could be performed before they enter the security screening.

The adjustments at gates are also to be seen as the frequency and rigorousness of cleaning procedures as well as the use of barriers will be increased. Regular disinfecting measures will be applied for the surfaces while some airports may even close for the night in order to implement deep cleaning; therefore, the usual 24-hour airport operation will possibly not be continued.

Social distancing is not expected end soon; therefore, passengers will have to keep a safe distance between each other. The traffic flow is going to be controlled by the directions in the corridors guiding people’s movement.

Moreover, it will not end at the departure airport – the passengers will have to undergo new procedures after touchdown too. Upon arrival, the destination country may require for immunity passport, a proof of COVID-19 vaccine, once it is available, or more additional health checks before allowing the travellers to enter.

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