Top 5 must-try flight simulators worldwide

Playing high-quality flight simulation games is one thing, but feeling a full-motion flying journey in real flight simulators is a way more extraordinary experience. A flight simulator is a physical machine, which uses AI-powered functions to re-create aircraft flight and the exact environment in which it flies.

There are many flight simulators located worldwide. Usually, it is possible to find flight simulators in some aviation museums or even at the airports. Flight simulation is a perfect opportunity to feel the real piloting experience for entertainment or training. Take a look at five flight simulators, which will surely create the most enjoyable flying experience ever.

Flight simulators by Lufthansa

The flag carrier of Germany presents you with a high-quality simulation experience that interprets every flight maneuver as an actual and authentic movement. Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) takes attention to the smallest details and creates the real flying moment by using high-tech visual and sound systems.

Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) offers you a wide range of different aircraft you can operate through the simulation. From the short and medium-haul, you can try Airbus A320, Boeing B737, Bombardier C Series, or Canadair Jet. From long haul, experience Airbus A330, Airbus 340, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-800, Boeing 757/767, Boeing 777, or Boeing MD-11. Also, there is a possibility to fly with the world’s largest commercial aircraft ‒ Airbus A380 mega liner. 

Qantas Flying experience

The flag carrier of Australia is another incredible provider of air simulations. Under personal instruction from an expert Training Captain, Qantas offers the real thrill of flight, using the state-of-the-art simulator.

The flying simulation with the flag carrier of Australia includes an immersive one-hour session for two people in the exclusive Boeing 747-400 flight simulator, a one on one pre-flight briefing with an experienced Qantas instructor, a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of our Qantas Flight Training facility at the Qantas Airways Jet Base. The total experience lasts approximately 2.5 hours  and participants receive individual Flight certificate and Gift Pack. 

Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days, located in London, UK, presents the real dream come true for aviation enthusiasts. Virgin Experience Days offers guests to pick the aircraft, choosing from flying abroad with Boeing 737, experiencing F16 Fighter or Airbus A320. Also, it is possible to take controls of the Spitfire MK9 and the Messerschmitt BF109 and experience the real air battle of Britain Dogfight.

With Virgin Experience Days, guests can choose from 24,000 destinations, select weather conditions and the virtual time flight. The flying experience is available for one customer with one flight simulator instructor. 

Emirates Aviation Experience

Emirates Aviation Experience features four flight simulators, which are located in London, UK. Become a pilot of either Airbus A380’s or Boeing 777. No flying experience is required to do the simulation. Guests can choose an airport from multiple destinations, the time of day and weather conditions. Experience piloting the plane through take-off, landing, or advanced landing!

With the Emirates Aviation Experience, guests can choose from two simulation packages, which offer 30 minutes and 60 minutes sessions for up to 4 people.

Delta Flight Museum

The major airline of the United States, Delta Air Lines, invites to its flying simulation in the Delta Flight Museum at the Atlanta airport. The airline offers guests to enjoy the flying experience with the Boeing 737-200 full-motion flight simulator.

Delta allows a flying experience for 1-4 people, older than 16. The guests of the flight simulator receive one hour experience, including 10 minutes for pre-flight briefing, 45 minutes of flight time, and a 5 minutes review at the end of the simulation.


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