Top 10 most famous pilots on Youtube

Szabo Viktor

Nowadays, people watch and share videos on Youtube numerous times every day. The Youtube platform so far became the right place for pilots who share their aviation experience through videos.Pilots usually catch some shots through their everyday routine and especially, during the layovers in beautiful foreign countries. Also, some pilots film videos, representing new aircraft models, or just sharing technical tips and tricks. For people who seek aerospace-related information and knowledge, Youtube channels of pilots-vloggers can be a great and informative resource. 


The youtube channel began in 2009, shares the passion of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 cockpit. The GreatFlyer presents various aviation-related videos such as trip reports, cockpit videos, general aviation flying videos, airshows, and many flight simulations.

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Nancy Bradshaw CFI & Commercial Pilot

Nancy Bradshaw is an airline pilot, commercial ASEL and Helicopter pilot, CFI, CFII, and AGI for airplanes. The channel, launched in 2011, presents educational, motivational, and inspirational aviation-related content. 

Nancy shares tricks and tips on saving money on flight training, understanding the next steps of becoming a pilot, going through flight training efficiently, gaining clarity of flight training process works, and staying motivated while reaching your goals in aviation.

Get to know more at Nancy Bradshaw CFI & Commercial Pilot

Swayne Martin

Swayne Martin took his first flight lesson at 15 years old. At that time, he could not find any inspirational and aerospace-related content that educates about a career in aviation and its challenges.

Swayne started his youtube channel in 2013. Since then, he is sharing valuable videos to teach the next generation of pilots. Each video tells a unique story about becoming a professional pilot, starting from Swayne’s very first solo flight and leading to flying for a major Part 121 Airline.

Check out for more at Swayne Martin

Captain Joe

Have a glance at the everyday routine of a pilot job with Boeing 747 Captain Joe! Started in September 2014, the channel of Joe Diebolder has become one of the largest aerospace-related channels on Youtube with close to 1 million subscribers.

Get to know more at Captain Joe

Pilot Effect

The Pilot Effect presents short and informative videos of explaining various aviation-related topics. The youtube channel, started in 2015, covers the technical part of aviation and also tricks and tips on becoming a professional pilot. 

Check out for more at Pilot Effect


Maria Fagerström is a full-time 737 airline pilot from Sweden. On the youtube channel, she catches most of her experiences flying all over the world, which shows the adventurous side of the pilot’s job.

Maria started her youtube channel in 2016, and since then, she has shared various entertaining and informative vlogs of what is going on behind the closed flight deck doors.

Find out more at MariaThePilot

Veggie Pilot

Are you a pilot who loves vegan food? The youtube channel of pilot Matt, which started in 2016, is a perfect resource for every vegetarian or vegan pilot or flight attendant.

The Veggie Pilot includes the living routine as being a vegan pilot. During his layovers, Matt takes his flight crew to try out local vegan restaurants and experience the plant-based kitchens of different countries.

Check out for more at Veggie Pilot

Pilot Lindy

Pilot Lindy began her youtube channel in 2016. Lindy shares her flying life as an airline pilot every week. Vlogs usually represent new cities, countries, and continents, which Lindy explores while working as Boeing 717 pilot. The youtube channel shares the exciting and funny part of the pilot’s work. 

Get to know more at Pilot Lindy

The MicroPilot

The youtube channel shares everyday moments of pilot Tom’s life in the UK. Tom flies microlights during his spare time while studying Aeronautical Engineering in Brighton. 

The content of the MicroPilot also covers Flight Sport Aviation, highlights of beginner pilot training and many incredible flights with a private jet. Tom started his pilot-related The MicroPilot youtube channel in 2016.

Find out more at The MicroPilot

Corporate Pilot Life

Professional pilots dedicate most of their lives perfecting their aircraft and advancing their flying skills in corporate aviation.

The Corporate Pilot life youtube channel demonstrates adventures and experiences of traveling around the world at the controls of a V.I.P. Gulfstream G-IV corporate jet. The youtube channel began its story in 2017.

Check out for more at Corporate Pilot Life

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