China recorded an 80% recovery in passenger flight numbers


According to CAACNEWS, the number of passenger flights reached 13,059 on July 23, a new high in the record since the COVID-19 epidemic. It is a level returning to about 80% before the virus outbreak. The passenger volume reached 1.728 million, nearly a 70% recovery compared to the same period before, with an occupancy rate of 73.57%.

Since February, the year-on-year growth rate of passenger transport in civil aviation has recovered gradually. In June, the travel demand increased significantly compared with the previous months, accelerating the recovery. For June, the civil aviation sector had conducted 325,000 flights, with a daily average of 10,820 flights, and marked a daily increase of 14.1% compared with the number of the previous month. A total of 30.74 million passengers were transported, with a growth rate of 10.2% higher than that of last month, and 42.1% higher than February when the lockdown started.

From July 1 to July 23, a total of 267,400 flights were conducted already, with a daily average of 11628 flights, marking a 6.77% growth of the daily average compared to the number in the previous month. A total of 26.427 million passengers traveled by air during the period, with a YOY recovery of more than 60%.

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