Long-awaited BER opening set, massive events planned

The scheme of the century and the greatest airport drama of our times is possibly about to end: the grand opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is set to happen between October 25 and November 8, 2020, airport’s press release announces.

The airport will consolidate all the traffic of German capital region in one location and link it with more than 150 destinations ‒ a plan that was in the making since the early 90s. The construction began in 2006 with opening aimed at 2011. A long series of complications saw the airport almost open numerous times, with its delays and behind-the-scenes operations becoming a story of its own. 

The opening was aimed at October 2020 at least since the late 2019, but construction and maintenance problems made the goal as elusive as all the previous ones. 

The latest press release, inviting the media to cover opening events as widely as possible, can mean the final end of the airport’s troubles. 

A press center and a pool of videos, images and sounds will be available from October 30, inviting publicity that is presumably hoped to overshadow all the previous misfortunes.

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