Lufthansa to resume JFK flights, offers PCR Corona testing

The Lufthansa Group announced on August 27 to be continuing its five weekly flights to New York (JFK) from Frankfurt (Germany), offering PCR corona tests to arrivals at the Frankfurt Airport.

As the industry continues to face global stagnation, progressively more airlines are coming up with measures to provide safe and approachable traveling.


Regulations in the European Union require travelers from certain countries to undergo a 14 day self-quarantine regime to minimize the potential spread of the virus. However, Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) has reportedly partnered with a certified biotech group, Centogene, to offer fast PCR Corona tests in the Frankfurt airport for new arrivals, allowing travelers to avoid the quarantine period.

According to the company, these tests take anywhere within 3-6 hours to complete. All travelers arriving to the Frankfurt airport can schedule a standard (€59) or an express test (€139) from Centogene prior to their journey. If the test results come up as negative, the arrivals are officially permitted to enter Germany under the EU criteria without having to self-quarantine afterward.

“As the world gradually begins to open up, the desire to travel has increased and there is an ever-growing necessity to see family and friends, as well as conduct important business trips. Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) is continually evaluating additional connections globally,” Larry Ryan, senior director of sales for Lufthansa Group in the USA, commented on reopening flights to JFK.

With the new strategy in mind, The Lufthansa Group expects to open over 70 percent of their long-haul and 90 percent of their short-to-medium-haul destination flights by the end of October. The company views this as an opportunity to make a swift recovery and to potentially even grow further.



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